Frozen Bottle- The Ultimate Waffle Sandwich Experience

Indulge in Frozen Bottle's Waffle Sandwiches: A New Taste Sensation!

Frozen Bottle- The Ultimate Waffle Experience

Are you a waffles lover craving an exclusive and unique taste? Dive into the scrumptious world of Frozen Bottle, now offering five different kinds of waffle sandwiches that will leave your taste buds tingling!

About Frozen Bottle

Frozen Bottle, originating from Bengaluru, has become one of India's leading dessert brands. With its presence in over 40 cities and boasting 180+ outlets, the brand aims to expand to over 400 outlets in the coming two years. Their vision is to revolutionize the dessert landscape in India and continue to grow, learn, and serve.

The brand is unique for introducing the concept of serving products like milkshakes, cake jars, Stone Jars, and more in glass bottles. This helps preserve temperature consistency and enhances the taste experience. This novel approach has defined the brand's identity as "Frozen Bottle."

With a keen understanding of the diverse tastes of its customers, Frozen Bottle continuously works to reinvent its menu and bring fresh flavors and products to always delight its clientele. Their offerings are designed for on-the-go consumption, providing convenience to their discerning consumers.

Remaining true to its 100% vegetarian product identity, Frozen Bottle ensures the use of premium ingredients. Each product is handcrafted with care and delivered with love, as their motto has always been about #servingmemories. Their commitment to quality and customer happiness underscores everything they do, making them a cherished brand for those who try their products.

What's New at Frozen Bottle

Frozen Bottle has unleashed its new lineup of delectable waffle sandwiches, each filled with distinctive flavors and exotic ingredients. Here's the detailed insight:

Ferrero Rocher Waffle Sandwich: A Detailed Insight 

Ferrero Rocher Waffle Sandwich: A Detailed Insight | Frozen Bottle

This is a signature offering by Frozen Bottle, bringing together the irresistible charm of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and the crispiness of freshly baked waffles. This decadent delight has been creating a buzz among dessert enthusiasts, and here's why.


  1. Waffles: Made from a secret blend of flour, sugar, and butter, these waffles are crisp on the outside and soft inside, providing a perfect texture.
  2. Ferrero Rocher Chocolates: Rich, luxurious Ferrero Rocher chocolates are the star ingredient, lending a nutty, chocolaty flavor.
  3. Hazelnut Spread: The creamy hazelnut spread complements the Ferrero Rocher, adding a layer of smoothness.
  4. Garnishes: Toppings like chopped nuts or powdered sugar might be added for an extra flair.

Crafting the Waffle Sandwich

  1. Preparation: The waffles are freshly baked to ensure the right amount of crispiness.
  2. Filling: Ferrero Rocher chocolates and hazelnut spread are meticulously placed between the waffles.
  3. Finishing Touches: A generous portion of whipped cream and garnishes complete the visual and taste appeal.

Taste Experience

  • Crunchy meets Creamy: The crunchiness of this meets the creaminess of the hazelnut spread, creating a mouthfeel that's pure joy.
  • Rich Flavor Profile: The Ferrero Rocher chocolates infuse a rich and sophisticated flavor, tantalizing your taste buds.
  • Sweet and Nutty Balance: The sweetness of the waffles and the nuttiness of the Ferrero Rocher create a balanced taste that's not overly sweet.
Nutritional Considerations

While the Ferrero Rocher Waffle Sandwich is undoubtedly a delicious treat, it's worth noting that it is rich in calories and sugar. Enjoying it in moderation as a special indulgence can be a delightful experience.

this is not just a dessert, it's an experience that takes you on a culinary journey. Its carefully chosen ingredients and meticulous preparation make it a must-try for anyone seeking a unique and delectable treat. Whether it's a celebration or a simple craving for something extraordinary, this Frozen Bottle could be the perfect choice.

Choco Brownie Overload Waffle Sandwich: A Comprehensive Exploration

Choco Brownie Overload Waffle Sandwich | Frozen Bottle

This is a masterpiece crafted by Frozen Bottle. It brings together the gooey goodness of brownies and the crispy pleasure of waffles. Whether you're celebrating an occasion or indulging in a late-night craving, this is a chocolate dream come true.


  1. Waffles: Freshly baked waffles form the base of this sandwich, providing a crispy exterior that contrasts beautifully with the soft fillings.
  2. Brownie Pieces: The heart of this is the generous inclusion of luscious brownie chunks, oozing with chocolate richness.
  3. Chocolate Sauce: A decadent chocolate sauce is generously drizzled, taking the chocolate flavor to an over-the-top level.
  4. Garnishes: Additional toppings like chocolate chips or shavings may be added for extra allure.


  1. Baking: The waffles are baked to golden-brown perfection, ensuring the right crunch.
  2. Layering: The waffles are layered with succulent brownie pieces, creating a rich texture.
  3. Drizzling: The chocolate sauce is liberally drizzled over the waffles, guaranteeing a rich chocolate flavor in every bite.
  4. Final Touch: A final touch of whipped cream and garnishes complete the experience, making it visually appealing and flavorful.

Taste Experience

  • An Explosion of Chocolate: From the first bite, the chocolate flavor is profound and delightful, satisfying even the most ardent chocolate lovers.
  • Texture Play: The combination of crispy waffles and gooey brownies offers a delightful contrast, enhancing the overall eating experience.
  • Perfect Sweetness: The chocolate sauce and whipped cream bring in the right level of sweetness, ensuring that it's delicious without being overly sugary.
Nutritional Aspects

This is a decadent treat, high in sugar and calories. While it's not something for everyday consumption, it's an ideal choice for special indulgences or occasions.

From Frozen Bottle is more than a dish; it's a statement for all chocolate aficionados. The balanced blend of textures and flavors, the aesthetic appeal, and the sheer indulgence it offers make it a must-try for anyone looking to treat themselves. Next time you're in the mood for something extraordinary, give this sandwich a try and let it transport you to a chocolate paradise.

Berries And Cream Waffle Sandwich: An In-Depth Look

Berries And Cream Waffle Sandwich | Frozen Bottle

This represents a fusion of freshness, sweetness, and indulgence. As a contrast to heavy chocolate or nut-based offerings, this sandwich is a refreshing delight that appeals to those who prefer fruity and creamy flavors.


  1. Waffles: Perfectly baked, these waffles are the crispy vessels holding the creamy and fruity goodness within.
  2. Fresh Berries: A mixture of succulent strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, or other seasonal berries adds a natural sweetness and tartness.
  3. Berry Sauce: A sweet and tangy berry sauce drizzled over the top adds an extra layer of berry flavor.
  4. Garnishes: Fresh mint or powdered sugar may be used for the finishing touch, adding to the visual appeal.

Crafting the Sandwich

  1. Preparation: The waffles are baked until golden, ensuring a satisfying crunch.
  2. Berry Layering: Fresh berries are carefully placed between the waffles, providing a burst of freshness in each bite.
  3. Creaming: Whipped cream is spread generously, balancing the tartness of the berries.
  4. Saucing and Garnishing: The berry sauce is drizzled artistically, and garnishes are added for a visually stunning presentation.

Taste Experience

  • Fruity Freshness: The freshness of the berries cuts through the richness of the cream, offering a balanced and invigorating taste.
  • Creamy Indulgence: The whipped cream's soft texture complements the crispy waffles, creating a delightful mouthfeel.
  • Sweet and Tart Play: The interplay between the sweetness of the cream and the tartness of the berries creates a complex flavor that dances on the palate.
Nutritional Considerations

While still a treat, it offers a slightly lighter indulgence compared to more chocolate-focused options. The fresh berries bring vitamins and antioxidants, adding a wholesome touch.

Frozen Bottle is a testament to the creativity and versatility of these dishes. This combination of fresh, creamy, crispy, and tangy elements makes it a unique offering that can satisfy a wide range of taste preferences. Whether as a summertime treat or a dessert that brings a splash of color to a grey day, this sandwich is a delightful option that shouldn't be missed.

Hazelnut Banana Caramel Waffle Sandwich: A Delicious Exploration

Hazelnut Banana Caramel Waffle Sandwich | Frozen Bottle

This is a sensational dessert that encapsulates the comforting flavors of hazelnut, banana, and caramel. This unique offering from Frozen Bottle takes these sandwiches to new heights, presenting an irresistible combination that has many raving about its taste.


  1. Waffles: Golden, and crispy they create the perfect exterior for this delicious sandwich.
  2. Hazelnut Spread: A rich, creamy hazelnut spread that adds a nutty flavor and smooth texture.
  3. Bananas: Sliced ripe bananas provide natural sweetness and creamy consistency.
  4. Caramel Sauce: A drizzle of silky caramel sauce enhances the taste, adding a hint of buttery sweetness.
  5. Garnishes: A sprinkle of chopped nuts or a dusting of powdered sugar for aesthetic appeal.


  1. Baking: Waffles are baked to crispy perfection, ready to envelop the fillings.
  2. Spreading Hazelnut: A generous layer of hazelnut spread is applied, creating a rich base.
  3. Adding Bananas: Sliced bananas are layered, providing a touch of fruity sweetness.
  4. Drizzling Caramel: Caramel sauce is artfully drizzled, binding all flavors together.
  5. Final Touch: Garnishes add visual appeal and an extra layer of flavor.

Taste Experience

  • Sweet Symphony: The blend of hazelnut, banana, and caramel creates a sweet symphony that’s pleasing to the palate.
  • Texture Harmony: Crispy waffles, creamy spread, soft bananas, and smooth caramel create a harmonious textural experience.
  • Flavor Depth: The nuttiness of the hazelnut, the natural sweetness of the bananas, and the richness of caramel come together in a well-balanced flavor profile.
Nutritional Notes

This waffle sandwich is a rich treat filled with sugars and fats. While it’s perfect for occasional indulgences, it’s best enjoyed in moderation due to its caloric content.

The Hazelnut Banana Caramel Waffle Sandwich by Frozen Bottle is a triumph in flavor combination. It's not just a dessert but an experience that celebrates the union of classic flavors in a contemporary creation. Perfect for those looking to indulge their sweet tooth with a sophisticated twist, this sandwich provides satisfaction on many levels. If you haven’t tried it yet, perhaps it’s time to treat yourself to this delightful culinary invention.

Belgian Chocolate Waffle Sandwich: A Flavorful Journey

Belgian Chocolate Waffle Sandwich | Frozen Bottle

The Belgian Chocolate Waffle Sandwich is a luxurious dessert that represents the best of both Belgian chocolate and the art of waffle-making. Rich, indulgent, and sinfully delicious, this sandwich from Frozen Bottle has won the hearts of chocolate lovers across the globe.


  1. Waffles: These are freshly baked to a golden-brown hue, providing a crispy, melt-in-the-mouth experience.
  2. Belgian Chocolate: High-quality Belgian chocolate, known for its depth and richness, is the star of this sandwich.
  3. Chocolate Sauce: Additional chocolate sauce can be drizzled to intensify the chocolate flavor.
  4. Garnishes: Extra touches like chocolate shavings or sprinkles elevate the visual appeal and add texture.

Crafting the Waffles Sandwich

  1. Waffles Preparation: The waffles are baked until crisp, forming the perfect canvas for the chocolate masterpiece.
  2. Chocolate Melting: The Belgian chocolate is melted into a luscious consistency, ready to be spread.
  3. Layering: Melted chocolate is generously layered between the waffles, creating a gooey center.
  4. Decorating: Additional chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and garnishes complete the visual and taste experience.

Taste Experience

  • Rich Indulgence: Every bite is a celebration of rich, high-quality Belgian chocolate, providing an unparalleled taste sensation.
  • Texture Contrast: The contrast between the crisp waffles and the creamy chocolate center adds a sophisticated touch to the flavor experience.
  • Chocolate Heaven: For the chocolate lover, this sandwich is akin to heaven, as it provides different shades and textures of chocolate in one dish.
Nutritional Perspective

As an indulgent treat, the Belgian Chocolate Waffle Sandwich is high in calories and sugar. It's perfect for special occasions or as an occasional indulgence but should be enjoyed in moderation.

The Belgian Chocolate Waffle Sandwich from Frozen Bottle is not just a dessert but a celebration of quality, taste, and indulgence. It takes this to new heights, turning it into a gourmet experience that will delight chocolate enthusiasts. From its visual appeal to its layered textures and deep flavors, this sandwich is a culinary gem that's worth savoring. So, why not give yourself a treat and explore the world of Belgian chocolate in a new and exciting way?

Kit Kat Oreo Waffle Sandwich: An Unforgettable Treat 

Kit Kat Oreo Waffle Sandwich | Frozen Bottle

The Kit Kat Oreo Waffle Sandwich is an innovative dessert that merges the flavors of two beloved chocolate snacks: Kit Kat and Oreos. Frozen Bottle's ingenuity in crafting this sandwich offers a playful and satisfying experience that's a must-try for dessert enthusiasts.


  1. Waffles: Crispy and fluffy waffles that provide the structural base for the sandwich.
  2. Kit Kat Bars: Known for their wafer crunch, Kit Kat bars are a main feature of this creation.
  3. Oreo Cookies: The creamy filling and chocolaty cookies of Oreos add an extra dimension of taste.
  4. Chocolate Syrup: This adds a glossy finish and enhances the chocolate flavor.
  5. Garnishes: Additional crushed Kit Kat and Oreo pieces for a decorative touch.

Assembling the Sandwich

  1. Waffles Baking: Waffles are baked to golden perfection, ensuring a crunchy bite.
  2. Layering Kit Kats: Kit Kat bars are placed between the waffles, adding a wafer-like texture.
  3. Adding Oreos: Oreo cookies are strategically placed, offering creamy surprises within.
  4. Drizzling Chocolate: Chocolate syrup is poured over, adding shine and sweetness.
  5. Finishing Touches: Whipped cream and garnishes complete the presentation.

Taste Experience

  • Crunchy Delight: The combination of waffles and Kit Kat bars offers a delightful crunch, making every bite a joy.
  • Creamy Texture: The Oreos provide a creamy contrast, balancing the textures.
  • Chocolate Overload: The mingling of chocolate from the Kit Kat, Oreos, and syrup creates a chocolate lover's dream.
  • Nostalgic Flavors: For those who grew up enjoying Kit Kats and Oreos, this awesome sandwich may evoke pleasant memories.
Nutritional Consideration

This treat is decadent, and while it offers a sensational taste experience, it is best enjoyed occasionally as part of a balanced diet due to its sugar and calorie content.

Frozen Bottle is a delightful fusion of textures and flavors, offering a culinary adventure for the taste buds. It's a celebration of creativity in dessert-making, and the combination of these two popular treats within it is nothing short of genius. If you're in the mood for a unique and exciting dessert experience, this sweet sandwich promises to deliver a satisfying and whimsical indulgence.

Why Choose These Waffles?

Frozen Bottle's new waffles collection is not just about taste; it's an experience. These waffle sandwiches are crafted with the finest ingredients and unparalleled creativity. Whether you're a chocolate enthusiast or a fruit lover, there are waffle sandwiches for every palate. Don't miss out on this culinary adventure!

Frozen Bottle's assortment of waffles has become the talk of the town, offering indulgent and imaginative flavor combinations. But why choose these waffles? Let's delve into the reasons that make them irresistible.

Variety and Innovation

  1. Multiple Flavors: The range includes different products, each with a unique taste profile, catering to various preferences.
  2. Innovative Combinations: The fusion of beloved treats like Kit Kat, Oreo, and Ferrero Rocher demonstrates culinary creativity.

Quality Ingredients

  1. High-Grade Components: From Belgian chocolate to ripe bananas, quality ingredients ensure a premium taste experience.
  2. Freshly Prepared: Made-to-order guarantees freshness and flavor.

Sensory Delight

  1. Taste Adventure: Whether it's the rich chocolate indulgence or the fruity freshness of berries and cream, each one offers a unique flavor journey.
  2. Texture Harmony: The balance between crispy waffles, creamy fillings, and crunchy elements like Kit Kat offers a delightful texture contrast.

Suitable for Various Occasions

  1. Special Treats: Perfect for celebrating special occasions or treating yourself.
  2. Social Gatherings: These can be the centerpiece of a social event, appealing to both adults and children.

Frozen Bottle's waffles are not just desserts; they are culinary experiences that offer joy, satisfaction, and sensory delight. The reasons to choose these are manifold: the diversity in flavors, quality of ingredients, innovative combinations, and the ability to suit various occasions. It's not just a choice; it's a celebration of taste and creativity. 

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