About us

Welcome to Frozen Bottle, started by Pranshul Yadav and Arun suvarna in 2017 where we gently blend India's vibrant dessert culture with a touch of global charm. Born in the heart of Bengaluru

pranshul yadav and Arun Suvarna
With Frozen Bottle, an Iconic Ice cream Dessert Cafe as the biggest feather in the cap, Munchbox Frozen Foods Pvt Ltd is an emerging brand in the dessert world. 
The idea of the founders, Mr Arun Suvarna & Mr. Pranshul Yadav was to create an ultimate dessert experience keeping their customers in their hearts. 
The company is built on Honest & Integrity , Responsibility and Transparency as its cornerstone. With a mission to serve the finest desserts to rejuvenate the taste buds of every customer,ultimately making their vision to become the best dessert destination come true. To realise this dream, over the years multiple brands have been added to its vast portfolio of products.
The brand Madno, House of Sundaes, is premiere Ice cream dessert brand that exemplifies the love for Ice creams desserts. For the best quality hand crafted Cakes and desserts, we have Lubov patisserie, a one of kind dessert brand focusing on preservative free baked Cakes and desserts. All the brands under the Munchbox umbrella are proudly 100% Vegetarian and true to its flavours and quality. We are all set to capture the dessert scene in all its glory with our hearts set on our customers and serve memories for a lifetime