About us

Frozen Bottle, one of India's trendiest Western Desserts brand is on a run to build its own outlet army across the globe. Started off from Bengaluru it is now in over 32 cities in India with 180+ outlets and aims to open up over 400+ outlets in the next 2 years. With a vision and mission to grow, learn, serve and revolutionise the Western desert landscape in and around India.

Frozen Bottle's Founder Pranshul Yadav and Arun Suvarna

Frozen Bottle’s sole purpose is to serve memories encapsulated in bottles of delight. We are the first brand in India to introduce the concept of serving chilled milkshakes, cake jars, Stone Jars and other similar products in Pre frozen bottles - This ensures better temperature consistency, thereby preserving the smoothness and texture of the products, which ultimately provides a richer and superior consumption experience to our discerning consumers – This has served as the foundation of our brand identity – “Frozen Bottle”. We fully understand the eclectic tastes and preferences of our consumers, which is why we relentlessly work on reinventing our menu, introducing distinct products and flavors regularly to delight you always. We offer eat / drink on the go products which can be easily consumed anytime, anywhere at your convenience. Through the years of growth and expansion, the brand has preserved its 100% vegetarian product identity.

We at Frozen bottle aim to make our family of customers happy so we ensure our products are made with only the premium ingredients we can source. Each product is then hand crafted to perfection by our staff and delivered with love as our motto has always been serving memories. We make everything with love! We hope you feel the love when you try our products. Always #servingmemories