Frozen Bottle Offer Flat 50% Off on July 17th 2024

Get Ready for Frozen Bottle's Half-Price Feast!

Are you ready to Indulge in some of the most Delicious Treats around? Frozen Bottle, the Ultimate Destination for Dessert Lovers, is offering an Incredible 50% off on all their Delightful Products on July 17th. This Frozen Bottle Offer is something you don't want to miss! Read on to discover more about frozen bottle offer and their mouth-watering treats that awaits you. Frozen Bottle Offer valid only at your nearest Frozen Bottle outlet. 

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Why You Shouldn't Miss the Frozen Bottle Offer

frozen bottle offer

A Sweet Celebration

Frozen Bottle is known for its creative and delicious desserts that cater to every taste bud. Whether you're a fan of creamy milkshakes, delightful dessert jars, or refreshing iced teas, there's something for everyone. On July 17th, you can enjoy all these amazing treats at half the price. It's the perfect opportunity to treat yourself by availing this frozen bottle offer with your loved ones without breaking the bank.

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What is frozen bottle?

Frozen Bottle, one of India's trendiest Western Desserts brands, is rapidly expanding its global presence. Originating in Bengaluru, it has grown to over 180 outlets across 32 cities in India. Frozen Bottle has been awarded as "Best Cafe 2024" at the Fast Food and Cafe Convection event.

Frozen Bottle takes pride in offering a diverse menu that ensures there's something for every craving. If you're in the mood for something more substantial, their gudbud jars, packed with layers of dessert goodness, are a perfect choice. Avail this frozen bottle offer on July 17th 2024.

Variety of Delightful Treats

One of the best things about Frozen Bottle is the variety of products they offer. Here's a closer look at some of the delightful treats you can enjoy at 50% off:

Signature Thickshakes

Signature Thickshakes

Frozen Bottle's thickshakes are the stuff of dreams. Made with the finest ingredients and available in a range of flavors, these thickshakes are rich, creamy, and utterly satisfying. Whether you prefer classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla or more adventurous ones like Nutella and red velvet, you're sure to find a favorite. Avail this frozen bottle offer on July 17th 2024.

Gudbud Jars

Gudbud Jar

Gudbud Jars are a unique creation by Frozen Bottle. These jars are filled with layers of ice cream, fruits, syrups, and other delicious ingredients, creating a symphony of flavors in every bite. They are perfect for those who love a bit of everything in their dessert. Avail this frozen bottle offer on July 17th 2024.

Boba Mocktails

Boba Mocktail

If you're looking for a refreshing drink with a twist, Frozen Bottle's Boba Mocktails are a must-try. These drinks combine the delicious flavors of mocktails with the fun texture of boba pearls, making them a delightful treat for any time of day. Avail this frozen bottle offer on July 17th 2024.

Iced Teas

Iced Tea

Cool down with Frozen Bottle's range of iced teas. These refreshing beverages are perfect for a hot day and come in a variety of flavors that will invigorate your senses. Avail this frozen bottle offer on July 17th 2024.

Premium Dessert Jars

Dessert Jar

For those with a serious sweet tooth, the Premium Dessert Jars are a must-try. These jars are packed with layers of indulgent ingredients, creating a dessert experience that is both rich and satisfying. Avail this frozen bottle offer on July 17th 2024.



Frozen Bottle's mocktails are expertly crafted to provide a refreshing and sophisticated drink experience. Perfect for any occasion, these mocktails are sure to please. Avail this frozen bottle offer on July 17th 2024.


Frozen bottle maggi

Yes, you read that right! Frozen Bottle even offers a unique twist on the classic Maggi noodles. These are prepared with a special Frozen Bottle touch that makes them irresistible. Avail this frozen bottle offer on July 17th 2024.

Dessert Pizza

Dessert Pizza

If you love pizza and desserts, you'll be thrilled with Frozen Bottle's Dessert Pizza. These pizzas are topped with delicious dessert ingredients, creating a unique and tasty treat. Avail this frozen bottle offer on July 17th 2024.

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Warm up with Frozen Bottle's rich and velvety Hot Chocolate. This drink is perfect for any time you need a cozy, comforting treat. Get this Hot Chocolate at Flat 50% Off on July 17th 2024. Avail this frozen bottle offer on July 17th 2024.

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How to Make the Most of the Frozen Bottle Offer

Frozen Bottle offers

Plan Your Visit

To take full advantage of the Frozen Bottle offer, plan your visit to your nearest Frozen Bottle outlet on July 17th. This way, you can enjoy the full range of products at half the price and maybe even discover a new favorite treat.

Try Something New

With such a wide variety of products available, this is the perfect time to try something new. If you usually stick to thickshakes, why not give the Boba Mocktails or Dessert Pizzas a try? You might find a new favorite!

Bring Friends and Family

Sharing the joy of Frozen Bottle's delightful treats with friends and family makes the experience even better. Bring your loved ones along and enjoy the delicious offerings together. It's a great way to create happy memories while taking advantage of the amazing Frozen Bottle offer.

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What Makes Frozen Bottle Special

Belgian Dark Chocolate

Commitment to Quality

Frozen Bottle prides itself on using only the finest ingredients in all its products. This commitment to quality ensures that every bite or sip is packed with rich, authentic flavors. When you enjoy a treat from Frozen Bottle, you can be confident that you're getting the best.

Innovative Creations

Frozen Bottle is known for its innovative approach to desserts. From the unique Gudbud Jars to the fun Boba Mocktails, Frozen Bottle constantly pushes the boundaries of dessert creation, ensuring there's always something new and exciting to try.

Customer Satisfaction

At Frozen Bottle, customer satisfaction is a top priority. Our friendly staff is dedicated to ensuring every visit is a delight, providing personalized service with a smile. Our menu features a delectable array of products, from creamy milkshakes to indulgent desserts, crafted with quality ingredients to satisfy every craving.

We believe in creating an exceptional experience that goes beyond delicious food – it's about creating memories. Whether you're catching up with friends or treating yourself, Frozen Bottle is your go-to destination. Join us and discover why our customers keep coming back for more.

Customer Loyalty

The positive feedback from customers speaks volumes about Frozen Bottle's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The upcoming Frozen Bottle offer on July 17th is a testament to their dedication to giving back to their loyal customers.

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How to Avail the Frozen Bottle Offer

Frozen Bottle store

Find Your Nearest Outlet

With Frozen Bottle outlets located across various cities, it's easy to find one near you. Visit and Select your Respective State and City and it will show you all the Outlets which are Present in your Cities or Simply visit the Frozen Bottle website or search "Frozen Bottle near me" on Google to locate your nearest outlet.

Visit on July 17th

To take advantage of the 50% off offer, visit any Frozen Bottle outlet on July 17th. Make sure to arrive early to avoid any potential crowds and ensure you get your favorite treats. Enjoy frozen bottle offer on July 17th 2024.

Spread the Word

Let your friends and family know about this amazing Frozen Bottle offer. Sharing the news ensures that everyone can enjoy the delicious treats at half the price and enjoy the frozen bottle offer to the fullest.

Is frozen bottle vegetarian or non veg?
Frozen Bottle is a 100% vegetarian brand, offering a wide range of delightful products including Signature Thickshakes, India's First Iconic Gudbud jars, Boba Mocktails, Iced Teas, Premium Dessert jars, Mocktails, Maggi, Dessert Pizzas, and Hot Chocolate. Avail this frozen bottle offer on July 17th 2024.

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Connect with Frozen Bottle

Stay Updated

Keep up with the latest news, offers, and new product launches by following Frozen Bottle on social media handles. Here are the links to their official pages:

Share Your Experience

orget to share your delightful experience on social media! Capture the moment as you indulge in our creamy milkshakes, delightful dessert jars, refreshing iced teas, and other mouthwatering treats. Whether you're enjoying our signature thickshakes or savoring a premium dessert jar, your experience is worth sharing.

To make the most of this special day, use the hashtags #frozenbottle, #flat50off, and #july17 in your social media posts. Sharing your experience not only helps spread the word about the amazing offers and delicious products at Frozen Bottle but also allows you to connect with other dessert lovers. Your posts can inspire others to visit and enjoy the delectable treats that Frozen Bottle has to offer. Avail this frozen bottle offer on July 17th 2024.

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The upcoming Frozen Bottle offer on July 17th is an unmissable opportunity to indulge in some of the best desserts and drinks around. With 50% off on all products, you can enjoy twice as many treats or try something new without worrying about the cost. From signature thickshakes to unique dessert pizzas, Frozen Bottle has something for everyone. So mark your calendar, gather your friends and family. Frozen Bottle Offer valid only at your nearest Frozen Bottle outlet. 

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